Meet the 2-Year Old Math Genius Who Taught Himself How to Speak Japanese

Meet the 2-Year Old Math Genius Who Taught Himself How to Speak Japanese

Isaiah Gyamfi, a 2-year old boy from Ghana, is getting international attention as a child prodigy that knows how to count in at least 4 different languages and how to solve complex math problems.


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Isaiah started showing extraordinary intelligence at the age of five months, his mother Jazelle told Mirror. She said she noticed him enjoying learning one day when he was watching a video on her phone on YouTube and then she decided to put on a video about Japanese numbers.

Jazelle said Isaiah listened to the video repeatedly until he could recite the numbers back to back. He learned to count up to 40 in Japanese by himself in just less than 24 hours.

When Isaiah was just 4-months old, Jazelle, who is an early childhood education teacher based in London, already started creating a learning environment for him. She put numeracy and literacy flashcards in their living room so Isaiah could learn through visuals.

Months passed by and Isaiah had always been surprising both his parents when he pointed out the correct letters and eventually sound them out using phonics. He also practiced writing numbers and solving Math problems by himself.

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Jazelle also noticed that her son enjoys learning different languages so she showed him a video in Spanish and gave him Spanish flashcards. He now speaks several languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Twi, Yoruba, and Japanese.

Jazelle began to capture Isaiah’s learning achievements and share videos in an Instagram account for Isaiah. Several people are amazed at how Isaiah is actually enjoying learning, as evident in the videos.

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