Meet The All-Black Armed Militia Ready To Make Change By Any Means Necessary

Meet The All-Black Armed Militia Ready To Make Change By Any Means Necessary

Previously, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported that an all-Black armed group was marching through Stone Mountain Park in Georiga in July for the removal of a Confederate monument honoring Jefferson Davis. Since then, a video of the large group marching with their guns in hand has gone viral on social media.

The group has become more active within the last couple of months leading up to the election, along with recent police shootings of unarmed Black civilians, and they are ready to let the country know who they are: Meet the NFAC.

The heavily-armed NFAC, or Not F*cking Around Coalition, is led by John Fitzgerald Johnson, also known as Grand Master Jay, who started the group in 2017 in Atlanta. Johnson has said that the group marches for racial equality and ending police brutality in response to white-armed militias that have come out in light of the heightened racial tension.

“We’re not ‘effing’ around anymore with the continued abuses within our community and the lack of respect for our men, women, and children,” Johnson said in an interview with CNN. Johnson has posted more about the trauma Black people have endured and how important it is for those in the Black community to arm themselves.

“It ain’t never been grateful Black people in this country,” said Johnson at one of the group marches in a video he posted on his Twitter account. “You can’t fix 400 years of f*cking people over in 150 years!”

The group has also been able to avoid any conflicts with law enforcement usually coordinating with local officers on the scene to peacefully march. While many have compared the group to the Black Panther Party who formed a similar militia to protect Black neighborhoods, the group sets itself apart by avoiding violence and working with police officers. Johnson says it is important for the Black community to exercise their Second Amendment right, touching on the double standard between Black and white gun ownership within the United States.

“Nobody says anything when other demographics pick up weapons, decide to arm themselves and confront the government over anything from wearing a mask to being cooped up in the house,” Johnson said to CNN. “But when certain demographics arm themselves all of a sudden people tend to act as if the Constitution doesn’t matter.”