Meet the ‘Avon Man’ – Why This Man Loves Selling The Iconic Beauty Products

Long gone are the days when only women sold cosmetics and skincare products—especially for direct selling brands like Avon (remember “Avon ladies?”). Now, men like Timothy Brown have stepped up to the beauty scene to blaze trails in the industry. Beyond juggling his career as an optometrist and as an “Avon man” as an effective side hustle, he is also one of the stars in Avon’s latest campaign that spotlights real people in lieu of fashion models. Brown learned his best lessons in marketing, selling and customer service from his dad, who was also an Avon representative.

“Since 7th grade, I knew I wanted to be an optometrist and motivational speaker,” says Brown. “At that time, my father was an Avon representative. I started becoming immersed in his business by helping him fulfill orders and meet customers directly. My dad really stood out in the community and amongst his peers being an ‘Avon man’ and he was so proud of his work. I’m honored to pass on his legacy by being the modern day ‘Avon man’ in my own community.”

“I learned so much from my father about building my customer base, adding a personal touch to deliveries and more.” he continues. “I loved perfecting the art of connecting with people and customer service. And I loved being able to support myself and gain a true sense of independence. I was so proud of buying a Pontiac Grand AM and made my own car payments while I was a teen. After high school, I went on to fulfill my dream of being a full-time optometrist.”

Brown provides more of his backstory. “In 2009, my dad passed away. I thought this would be the end of my journey with Avon. However, in 2011, I decided to start my own Avon business to carry on his legacy and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Now, I am proud to represent Avon and help support their efforts toward empowering women. It was such an honor to be a part of this campaign because it speaks volumes in terms of honoring real people doing hard work. It truly is an opportunity I will never forget.”

When it comes to his unique approach in selling Avon products he says, ” I love an in-person touch. Whether it’s deliveries to customers or showcasing the new catalog, I love talking to existing and potential customers live. I also wear what I’m selling, like one of Avon’s new colognes, for instance. Having customers naturally experience products is one of the biggest ways for successful sales.”

One of his top sellers is Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil. “My customers and strangers always ask for it weekly.”  Additional top sellers are the Mesmerize cologne for men, Far Away perfume for women, and Moisture Therapy body lotions for families.

Brown offers several tips about making the most out of a side hustle:

  • Treat your side hustle as a business, not a hobby. Consistently work in your business, stay committed to your business, and the results will follow: It’s all about perspective and keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive. My motto is if you want something in life, get your mind right and work for it. Do good things to get good things.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities and lessons that come your way. At a young age, my mom had us participate in fundraisers to help out organizations raising money for various causes. That excited me to be involved with sales and I still use those learnings daily.
  • Work and life balance is a must. I’m a stickler for this one—and it’s very possible to have both. I love having a full-time job and a blooming Avon business. I stay organized with a calendar and make sure I carve time out for my business as well as my family.
  • Keep a positive mindset. That is the key to success to most things in life. You have to block out negativity and destruction and be focused on what you want. If you want to grow your side hustle into your everyday hustle, you can do that if you put your mind to it.