Meet The Entrepreneur Formulating Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Meet The Entrepreneur Formulating Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

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Ayanna Henderson is not only the CEO as well as the founder of Mademoiselle Ayanna and Ayanna Beauty, but according to, Henderson is also one of the first African American entrepreneurs to launch a collection of beauty products that are cruelty-free. In other words, their skin and hair products have never been tested on animals, have no chemicals such as parabens, sulfate, silicon, talc, etc., and are 100% vegan.

What makes Henderson’s skin and haircare line so groundbreaking is the fact that her products showcase the science of it all. According to, by utilizing the science of skin and haircare, Henderson uses her expertise and nature itself to deliver very powerful formulas in the skincare and beauty industry.

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By mixing some of the highest quality ingredients taken from around the world, these formulas for Mademoiselle Ayanna are not only safe and environmentally responsible to use, but they are also highly effective.

The following products in her line are:

  • Le Noir Detoxifying Charcoal Mask
  • Le Rouge CC Serum with Vitamin C
  • Le Blanc Eye Corrector Serum
  • Le Rose Wrinkle Recovery Serum
  • J’Adore L’Amor Biotin Boost Hair Serum

One of the many goals of these products is to replenish lost nutrients, increase moisture, improve elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. In addition, they work to eliminate dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, exfoliation, skin detox, and dry scalp according to

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In addition to being a CEO, Henderson is also a professor who spends her free time teaching college-level courses in business and advertising.