Meet the First Black Author to Create Phonics Workbooks That Improve Reading Skills in 30 Days or Less

Meet the First Black Author to Create Phonics Workbooks That Improve Reading Skills in 30 Days or Less

Rosa Higgs, a teacher from Berkeley, California, has proven why phonics instruction matters.

Her phonics workbook series, Read in 40 Hours or Less, is designed to help Black students learn to read well and beyond grade level in less than 40 hours of direct instruction.

Across the country, students are experiencing a K-12 crisis in reading skills. In the state of California, millions of dollars are spent every year on education, but students and teachers are overwhelmed by COVID-19 and distance learning, and the lack of improved reading skills for many vulnerable Black students proves it.

The coronavirus was a test of America’s ability to provide quality and equitable education to all students. The virus wrecked the school system with unfathomable momentum highlighting known disparities of Black students’ access to computers, the internet, and basic needs such as food and adequate shelter. The Read in 40 Hours or Less workbook series can take schools from inadequate to extraordinary by improving reading skills for our vulnerable Black and brown students.

No one is sure when this reading crisis will end. However, parents and many teachers know with Read in 40 Hours or Less workbooks that they are now equipped to do a lot better and faster.

Actor and activist Danny Glover has this to say:

“I myself suffer from dyslexia, and Rosa Higgs has developed the most genuine reading materials for people of all ability levels and ages. The Read in 40 workbooks are sure to jostle the foundation of education and cognitive sciences. Higgs’ workbooks are an educational triumph in language arts of the first order. They are sure to cause shockwaves in K through 12 schooling. Her erudite scholarly genius work is esteemed by parents and students alike.”

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