Meet the Founder of a Black-Owned Self-Driving Vehicle Startup That Mobilizes Healthcare Services

Frederick Akpoghene is the founder of JéGO Technologies, Inc., a Black-owned designer and manufacturer of autonomous vehicles including self-driving pods that make it easy to connect consumers with services and products on the go; and will open their crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine for micro angel investors to invest in the same playing field as venture capitalists. JéGO also has a mobile platform, where users will be able to discover businesses that provide high-demand services, such as Flu Testing, COVID testing, IV therapy, and that of other local businesses, which can be brought directly to their customers using the driverless JéGO pods. Their patent-pending flagship prototype that was designed by the founder of JéGO himself.

“JéGO (@jegotechnologies) is here to give entrepreneurs the space to compete and to give service providers the mobility to serve without the burden of large fixed costs like rent,” says Akpoghene who is a 2020 NASDAQ Milestone Makers program graduate who has over 15 years of experience in technology development and software engineering. “This will lead to more money flowing into our communities as opposed to it flowing outwards to large corporations—because we are just as tired of that normalcy as you are.” 

With retail rapidly changing and COVID-19 shattering more than 1 million businesses, JéGO provides a new commerce infrastructure powered by Autonomous Pods (aka Shuttles) connected to a SAAS mobile platform. In the midst of the autonomous market being expected to reach $367 billion globally by 2030, JéGO has partnered with a local manufacturer to produce Pods designed by Akpoghene, with an initial focus of putting the vehicles into the hands of healthcare providers within the next two years. By logging in to the app, JéGO users can find local service providers, book a time and place, and have their vendors arrive right where they need them to be, right when they need it.

JéGO, whose made-in-America self-driving Pods are already approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has signed multiple partnerships with organizations who want to use their technology, including Popcom, BatteryXchange, Miami-based Urgent Care Clinic, Large tech corporations, several city/Government entities, sports organizations, plus early Investors ranging from Angel Investors from Wall street, Tech, Venture and a Leader at a Fortune 100 Global Manufacturing Giant. They have already committed to providing mobile urgent care in Miami, in which their pilot area has been mapped out for the Pods to set course and come to their app users with the service provider ready to go.

“It’s clear now more than ever that people need and continue to need services on the go—starting with COVID testing,” said Akpoghene. “Join us in changing the world by building a new commerce infrastructure powered by JéGO Pods. We’re here to ensure the present and future growth of businesses and access to crucial care services throughout the pandemic and beyond.”

An immigrant from Nigeria who began his tech career at the age of 16 years old, Akpoghene went on to build and partner with hundreds of businesses and start-ups, including the
multi-million dollar Abovav Technologies, Scizzrs Inc., and Oddio Tribe Holdings. The name “JéGO” is inspired by the African goddess of commerce, which is a wink to Akpoghene’s mission to use technology to uplift the fastest group of entrepreneurs in the world: Black women and small business owners.

Invest in JéGO to Invest in the Future of Local Commerce

While JéGO will first prioritize their Pods for the health space, their goal is to provide a solution to community businesses looking for alternatives to the traditional Brick & Mortar and empower entrepreneurs to open more pathways for income opportunities and brand discovery. The company anticipates their pilot for the JéGO Pod to launch in their first market by Q3 2022.
In five years, they plan to complete their pilots in multiple cities, including Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, Luxembourg and have a fleet of over 100 vehicles operating in various routes throughout the United States, Europe, and South Africa. To invest in JéGO, go to their Start Engine campaign that launched on November 11, 2021.

About JéGO Technologies, Inc.
JéGO Technologies, Inc. is a community-driven autonomous vehicle manufacturer based in Miami, FL. Launched/launching in 2021, JéGO is on a mission to empower small businesses by producing and distributing driverless technology to connect services, products, and providers to their people. Experience the convenience of having products and services delivered at your preferred location, in a safe, sustainable, and secure autonomous pod with JéGO. Learn more at

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