Meet The Men Behind Luxury Black-Owned Clothing Brand Loren Spratt

Meet The Young Brothers Behind a New Luxury Black-Owned Clothing Brand

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Founders, Dalen Spatt and Juwan Mass (Loren Spratt)

If you know of or are a man who is a purveyor of fine clothing, then get familiar with Loren Spratt—a uniquely inspiring black-owned clothing brand wholly focused on the male consumer. The Atlanta-based men’s custom couture line is the brainchild of Clark Atlanta University grads Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, Brandon Theriot, and Mario McMillan.

The group, who bonded as fraternity brothers from Kappa Alpha Psi, eventually became solid business partners in the Loren Spratt venture. The brand is poised to extend far beyond their original lot of local customers due to a combination of old-fashioned word of mouth and social media marketing. Loren Spratt suits have been worn by men of color across the country including celebs Jessie T, Usher, and RonReaco Lee of Survivor’s Remorse, and Hosea Sanchez of The Game, to name a few.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to grow organically through word of mouth; focusing on collegiate relationships,” explains Mass. “Between all the friends we accumulated over the course of our time at CAU and the relationships we made through pledging Kappa Alpha Psi, you start to realize really early how large your network truly is. The funny part is we started making suits and generating buzz quite early on. We continued for a few years after graduating, then it seemed like one day everything changed. Everyone around us started getting married, and they made us the ‘go-to’ guys for tuxedos.”

The company started as a side hustle in 2010 and grew into a fully functioning business by 2012. Staying relevantly consistent is our main priority, by doing so we ensure a quality product that keeps our clientele pleased and ever-growing,” Spratt told Black Enterprise. “All of our designs stem from members of the team. Our goal has always been to design the clothes that we wanted to wear and we’re forever grateful to everyone that sees and supports our vision.”

One of the founders, Spratt spent time studying abroad in Beijing, which exposed him to international business and international marketing. Equipped with his education and a variety of professional experiences in the areas of marketing, writing, and wardrobe styling, the ambitious entrepreneur made the most of his time overseas by forging a relationship with a small clothing production company that led to the creation of Loren Spratt.

The fashion startup recently released a collection for upcoming grooms across the United States just in time for wedding season. “We have had our hands in a lot of weddings but a few have really stuck in my mind,” says Spratt. “I love this khaki look we did; it just turned out visually amazing. The colors matched the groom’s vibe and energy—cool, calm, and collected. Everything from the ticket pocket to the darker vest, all the way to the monogram on the sleeve, just looks classically placed together. When it comes to full wedding parties navy always looks classy to me. In my opinion, navy blue is a stronger handshake than your standard black. It’s classic with a little flair.” 

New black-owned clothing brands are seemingly sprouting up with more frequency. At 29-years old, Laquan Smith has had her designs worn by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian West. Lyfestyle, Colour by Nandi Madida, and Pyer Moss are a few other new black-owned clothing brands that have earned buzzed.