Meet The HBCU Graduate And Educator Set To Release ‘The ABCs Of Black Wall Street’ Books

Former Wall Street analyst Claudia Walker is dedicated to educating the masses about financial literacy within the Black community.

Her new collection, The ABCs Of Black Wall Street books, empowers educators and parents to teach the youth that there is still a future for Black Wall Street.

The Oakland-based speaker, author, and teacher has made her mark in teaching kids about the value of HBCUs and investing in the classroom.

As a Spelman graduate, she continues to shed light on her experiences, while working to close the opportunity gap for Black students to learn finance and the options to apply to HBCUs. Her ambitious efforts led her to launch her publishing company HBCU Prep School, to become a part of the solution.

“I want to normalize investing within the community and give my students age-appropriate information and spark conversations that help them recognize they can be investors, even if they are still in high school,” Walker told Afro Tech.

“There are conversations they can start having with their families that open up those lines of communication around building generational wealth.”

In January 2022, Walker shared with the world that she will be releasing The ABCs Of Black Wall Street, which consists of a coloring book and board book.

Courtesy of Claudia Walker


According to the website, the children’s collection breathes new life into the heart of Tulsa’s historic Greenwood District. From Madam C.J. Walker and O.W. Gurley to Williams Dreamland Theater and Osborne Monroe’s Roller Skating Rink, children will learn about the innovators, activists, entrepreneurs, and establishments that helped pioneer one of America’s wealthiest Black communities.

“The story of Black Wall Street is an amazing example of community members coming together, not just for their good, or the good of their family, but for the good of an entire community and for generations to come,” Walker said regarding why she wanted to write the book.

In addition to the launch of her book, Walker has distributed free stocks to underserved communities. She hopes that the stocks will give a child an early start to their financial journey. Community members, parents, and teachers received stocks on the child’s behalf. Recipients ranged from eight-months-old to the age of six.

Walker strives to normalize conversations surrounding “wealth-building, agency, and investing.”

The ABCs Of Black Wall Street Greenwood Avenue bundle is available for preorder online.