Meet the Winners: Plunge Culture & Creativity Conference Innovation Slam

Meet the Winners: Plunge Culture & Creativity Conference Innovation Slam

On the weekend of Nov. 8, Plunge Culture & Creativity Conference took place in Miami, where the event inspired professionals and innovators to share their ideas and passions. As a major component to the conference, the Innovation Slam competition took Nov. 7. It was created as a platform where entrepreneurs got the chance to speak with investors to showcase their creative ideas and inventions. The slam was hosted by Derek T. Dingle, editor-in-chief and chief content officer at Black Enterprise.

There were two innovators who tied for the win and will get the chance to attend the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit:

  • Keith White, founder and CEO of Trak Pay: Trak Pay connects merchants with buyers who own smartphones and are willing to use their tablets to shop and pay. While the concept is similar to Apple Pay, it differs because Trak Pay designed a mobile payment solution relying on a process called “scan” to pay, while Apple Pay uses fingerprint Touch ID to pay. Trak Pay also has a way where merchants can sell via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so that users do not have to type out their personal information in order complete the check out process. The payment process, according to the company, is quick and convenient, averaging about five seconds or less to for transactions to be completed. The innovation is a few weeks away from commercial launching. Check it out on Twitter.
  • Brenda Dillingham of Bath Time Bumper Guard: Dillingham says she created the invention after her grandson was rushed to the emergency room after slipping in the bathtub and busting his head. The bumper guard protects babies and the elderly against falling by adhering around the tub by suction cups, and hangs easily.

    Five finalists included Seshat Walker of New Neighbor Welcome Kit, Katina Charles of Mommy + Me= Love Box, Jessica Harris and Dorian Webb of The Hair Weaver, a device for hair weaving, and Michael Hall of Gateway Software Development. All of the entrepreneurs are congratulated and are recognized for their amazing new innovations and the courage to pursue their dreams and make it a reality.