Melissa Burgos Chats About Brand Building

Melissa Burgos Chats About Brand Building, Monetizing Your Blog and More

Melissa Burgos
(Image: Melissa Burgos)

On Thursday, April 28, natural hair and lifestyle blogger, Melissa Burgos, joined Black Enterprise for a #TheGoodLife Twitter chat to talk everything blogging and branding.

As the founder of the popular site, Rock Yo Rizos, Burgos opened up about the inspiration behind starting her blog, her keys to building her brand, the power of social media and more.

“The key is to speak out loud about things people think about,” said Burgos in regards to making your brand stand out in a over-saturated market.

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Starting her #iamlettingGO campaign in the summer of 2015 when she made the big chop to her curls, Burgos also dished advice to professionals who are looking to make a change to their image.

To catch the nuggets of knowledge you may have missed from the Twitter chat, check out the Storify below.