Teacher Suspended After Posting Insulting Facebook Comments
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

A kindergarten teacher in Memphis is in hot water after posting disparaging comments about some of her students to Facebook.

According to the Huffington Post, Tameka Gatewood wrote the following:

“How bout I blasted both of them. The girl in my class hair is nappy almost every day and the boy wears dirty clothes, face nasty and can’t even read. They didn’t bother nobody else when I got through with them.”

“What do you think you’re supposed to do? Bang! Bang! Shoot ’em up dammit! Just kidding!! For real tho – slap their ass back then Bang! Bang! Shoot ’em up dammit.”

Parents are understandably less than pleased. “She needs to be up out of here. Because how can you do your job and that’s what you think about students?” one said to a local station.

Gatewood has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.

Read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

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