Men's Style: Grooming Basics for the Business Professional
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Men’s Style: Grooming Basics for the Business Professional

Any gentleman knows that their appearance is extremely important in the business world. From the cut of your hair to your attire, your look is a gauge as to where you are or an indicator to where you would like to be.

You may not always have control over things such as your attire. Your budget may allow you to be presentable, but not necessarily reflect your CEO spirit. There are aspects such as your grooming that can be controlled affordably and easily, however.

Uptown Magazine knows some of the latest grooming gadgets that should be on the radar for the successful CEO to the the thrifty up and comer.

PANASONIC Arc5 Multiflex Shaver ($600)

Automatically cleans, dries, and charges the unit, keeping the blades sharp and always ready for the next shave.

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