Mental Health Advocate Kiara 'The Healing Chef' Whack Talks Rediscovering Yourself Through Food
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Mental Health Advocate Kiara ‘The Healing Chef’ Whack Explains Rediscovering Yourself Through Food

Kiara Whack The healing chef (Image: Twitter)

Mental health advocate turned healing chef and author, Kiara Whack has found a way to turn her pain into passion and progress.

Whack has spent years teaching people how to preserve their mental stability by implementing proper holistic nutrition. It was her own life experiences that set her on a path to rediscovery and now the Virginia-based super chef is sharing how she turned major negatives into a life-changing permanent positive through her new memoir Dis(Re)covery: An Autobiography for Edible Consumption.

Speaking from the perspective of a mother, nutrition coach, cross fitter, domestic violence survivor, and of course a chef, Whack’s memoir serves as the blueprint on how to pick yourself up when there seems to be no way out.

Her life experiences combined with her background in psychology and elements of her personal story come together to create the inspirational journal for all to gain from.

“I created this book to help me to navigate past trauma including domestic violence, which was followed by major anxiety and depression,” Whack said. “I struggled to get back to myself mentally, emotionally, and physically. I thought I was going to be broken forever – until I discovered that my everyday attitude is dependent on what I choose to put into my body.”

As the CEO and founder of Traveling Thyme Bomb, LLC, Whack guides people on how to heal their minds, body, and soul through superfood consumption. Staying true to her years-long message that you can heal yourself through the right food and nutrition, Whack learned this firsthand while teaching herself how to look at life in new ways.

“I started to control my mood one day at a time, and eventually I was on the road to total health,” she said. “Realizing the power of food helped to save my life.”

Now with the release of her memoir, Whack is spreading awareness on how to make living a healthy lifestyle not just a diet. Through personal experiences and a psychology degree from the University of Virginia, the Hampton native realized her mental health recovery was directly tied to what she ate.

“As cliche as it may sound, there’s some truth to “you are what you eat”,” Whack told BLACK ENTERPRISE. “What most people don’t realize or even think about on an everyday basis is that our guts are directly connected to our brains.”

“Whatever someone consumes will manifest itself in their brain and from there it will either be easier or HARDER to accomplish whatever task(s) lies ahead.”

She asks that we start to “think about how you feel after eating certain foods,” and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

“There are foods known to make you sluggish, sleepy, and bloated. On the contrary, there are foods that help us better control our behaviors, reactions, gives us motivation, and increases our focus. Food even controls our emotions,” Whack said.

Moving away from the idea of going on a diet, Whack says we can start to indulge in the “endless healing remedies” achievable through food. It’s some of the many jewels she delves into in her new memoir.