Ex-Mercedes Benz Employees Fired After Reporting Racist Graffiti

Ex-Mercedes Benz Employees Fired After Reporting Racist Graffiti

Two former Mercedes Benz employees are suing a Manhattan based dealership after they were allegedy fired for complaining about a racist work environment.

The Huffington Post reports that Burnell Guyton and Andre Grammer found grafitti in the showroom’s bathroom featuring swastikas, an image of a stick figure hanging from a noose, and phrases like “Burnell is a dumb as [sic] n*****,” according to a lawsuit filed earlier this week.

“It really hurts to find out that you’re judged by the color of your skin and not by the quality of work that you bring to the table,” Guyton told The Huffington Post, referring to when he first saw the bathroom graffiti.

Mercedez Benz Manhattan told the Huffington Post in a statement that the claims were absolutely baseless.

“We pride ourselves in providing an inclusive and supportive environment at Mercedes-Benz Manhattan,” the statement said. “This lawsuit was originated by an employee who was terminated for cause and another one who voluntarily resigned without cause or provocation. That litigation ensued is not a surprise. When the matter goes before the court, and the facts are presented, it will be very clear that these allegations are without merit.”

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