Method Man Claps Back At Hater For Photoshopping His Beard Out Of Photo In An Attempt To Downplay His Looks

Method Man’s new sex symbol status has reportedly spawned a naysayer, and the “Bring The Pain” aptly responded. 

Recently, the rapper-turned-actor of  WuTang Clan fame has been the apple of the ladies’ eyes on the internet since stepping into his grown-man sexy. Method Man’s bearded good looks caught the attention of a hater who made the precipitous decision to photoshop Meth without his beard. The photo appeared to be a mashup of his and actor Michael Rainey’s faces. Rainey portrays “Tariq” on STARZ’s Power: Book 2 Ghost. The 50-year-old rapper posted the image on Twitter. 

Method Man clapped back on the hater in a now-deleted tweet.

U know what’s funny ?! A 50 ur old man got y’all in ur feelings so bad. U gotta resort to this.. all I send in return is love n light! #whoraisedthesenegroes”

Fans also responded to the disrespectful photo. 

On Feb. 3, Method Man, born Clifford Smith, shook the internet when Essence Magazine dropped its digital cover and interviewed the handsome entertainer. 

NEW COVER ALERT: M-E-T-H-O-D, MAN! Listen here, if “You’re All I Need To Survive” was a person, here he is in his purest essence. Aging gracefully, gorgeously, and defining growth for the Hip Hop generation, our February cover star, @methodmanofficial, deserves his flowers.”



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Meth takes his sex symbol status and his haters in stride. He posted this little ditty on  Twitter. 

“I swear y’all all I be doin’ is drinking water and mindin’ my business… (exhales).”


Haters be da**ed. Meth is a baddie.