Miami Surgeon Banned From Performing BBLs After Fatally Puncturing Patient’s Liver, Intestines

Miami Surgeon Banned From Performing BBLs After Fatally Puncturing Patient’s Liver, Intestines

Dr. John Sampson of Miami is reportedly banned from performing Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgeries after his seventh illegal surgery patient died on June 16, 2021.

The Miami Herald reported that the Florida Board of Medicine ordered the ban Friday and allowed the designated physician at Seduction Cosmetic Surgery in Coral Gables to keep his medical license. In addition to the official forbiddance, Sampson was fined $20,000 and $5,626 for investigation and prosecution costs.

The board also mandated the plastic surgeon to complete five hours of continuing medical education in medical record keeping within one year from the date of the disciplinary action and present a one-hour lecture on complications related to liposuction and gluteal fat grafting to the medical staff at an approved medical facility.

The final disciplinary action posted by the board detailed the following allegations:

“Allegations that Respondent committed Medical Malpractice; violated Florida Statutes and Florida Rules; and made deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent representations in or related to the practice of medicine or employing a trick or scheme in the practice of medicine.”

According to an administrative complaint against his medical license in 2021, Sampson’s appointment as designated physician meant that he could not perform surgeries. However, it was discovered that he performed several surgeries between April and June of 2021, including seven on the day his 33-year-old patient died.

As a result, Sampson won’t be allowed to be appointed designated physician at any office surgery center. Florida’s Board of Medicine also issued an emergency ruling in June of this year limiting doctors to three BBL procedures per day.

Sampson, as stated in the complaint, punctured the liver and intestines of a patient identified as E.R., reports The Miami Herald. He allegedly injected the fat taken from the abdomen into her gluteal muscles.

The complaint also alleged that Sampson and Seduction submitted deceptive paperwork.

Friday’s punishment marks a first for Sampson, but another doctor at Seduction lost his privileges to perform BBLs after witnessing one of his patients die.