Michael B. Jordan States he Focused on Work After Breaking Up With Lori Harvey

It seemed as if everyone else had something to say about the breakup of actor Michael B. Jordan and Steve Harvey‘s daughter, Lori, except Jordan. That changed recently when the new director spoke about the breakup with CBS MorningsGayle King earlier this week.

The recent appearance by the All My Children alum centered on the upcoming movie Creed III that he directed and starred in. Outside of speaking about his first time directing a film, he is starring in the sequel, which is the third installment that showcases him as the son of Apollo Creed, Adonis. Apollo was an opponent of Rocky Balboa (from the Sylvester Stallone series of Rocky movies that premiered in 1976 and produced five sequels), who later became his friend in the sequel. He died in one of the movies, and Jordan plays the son of Apollo, which set off a new series of sequels related to the original Rocky film.

After discussing his directorial debut, the conversation turned to Jordan’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, where, during his monologue, he briefly mentions the after-effects of the breakup with Harvey. He joked that he joined a dating app, and King wanted to know if he really did…  He didn’t.

King asked him how did he handle the split from his former love.

“I mean, I think for me, it’s just I was lucky enough to have a lot of work, you know? And I’m a firm believer of what’s for you is for you. You know, and coming out of that situation—not to give it any energy and kinda move from that is—it was an experience for me to grow, you know, learn.”

He states that this is his year and “everything’s wide open” for him.

“I’m in my light right now. This is my Jordan year. I mean that. This is my year. There’s so much going on—so many blessings, so many great things. This is at a point in my career where there’s not a lot of people telling me no and everything’s wide open.”