Tuohys To Remove All Mentions Of Michael Oher As Their Adoptive Son, Under Lawyer Advisement

Tuohys To Remove All Mentions Of Michael Oher As Their Adoptive Son, Under Lawyer Advisement

The removals will come from the couple's website and all of their public speaking events advertisements.

Memphis couple Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy were advised by their lawyer on Nov. 29 to remove any mentions of NFL player Michael Oher being their adopted son from their website and public speaking appearances. The change comes on the heels of a legal battle with Oher over how they took him into their home in high school before he went on to become a star in the NFL.

The lawyer, Randy Fishman, revealed to a probate judge that all mentions of Oher being officially adopted by the Tuohy family will immediately be removed from advertisements for public speaking events for the couple and their own website. 

The prompt removal is related to the lawsuit lodged against the couple by Oher in recent years. He’s requesting for the Tuohys to account for all the money they allegedly made from him from the Oscar-nominated film The Blind Side, which earned actress Sandra Bullock an Oscar for her performance playing Leigh Anne in the story of the couple’s relationship with Oher as his football career kicked off. 

In a court filing issued in August, Oher accused the Tuohys of misleading him into believing that they officially adopted him when they were just in a conservatorship agreement since 2004 once he turned 18. He claimed that they’ve been falsely advertising themselves as his adoptive parents to make money off him and his story. 

Oher, 37, filed a petition in probate court because the Tuohys lied and had him sign the papers to make them his conservators when he thought they were adopting him. Oher is demanding in the suit that the conservatorship be immediately terminated and that the Ohers provide a full accounting record of the money they earned from his name and story to have them pay him what he’s owed with interest.