First Lady Michelle Obama Gets Backlash for Vogue Cover
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

michelle obama and barack vogue 2013First Lady Michelle Obama is yet again being criticized for appearing too glamorous and high-brow on her second cover of Vogue Magazine.

After recently being criticized for her brief appearance on The Oscars, Mrs. Obama is now being accused of exemplifying classism and not being sensitive to major social issues going on in the country. On the Huffington Post’s site, over 500 comments from users can be seen critiquing the first lady’s ritzy cover.

“Can media stop doing this crap? Who cares [that the] first lady is on whatever magazines,” said one online commentator. “My family is worrying to death with sequestration. We won’t be able to pay our bills and my children will be suffering with my 20% pay cut. First Lady should do something more meaningful for her country instead of wearing nice clothes and smiling on the cover of any magazine…”

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