Conservatives Criticize Michelle Obama’s Oscars Appearance

Conservatives Criticize Michelle Obama’s Oscars Appearance

Conservatives have criticized First Lady Michelle Obama for her brief cameo on Sunday’s 85th Academy Awards. The first lady appeared on a projector through a live streaming from the White House to present the Oscar award for Best Picture.

While the audience cheered in elation for the first lady, conservative bloggers took to the blogs and Twitter to lambaste her.

Jennifer Rubin, a political blogger for the Washington Post criticized Obama’s speech, claiming she, “feels entitled,” and that “both the president and the first lady seem small and grasping.” Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin and Fox News host Todd Starnes tweeted their own grievances.

“Can POTUS and FLOTUS just relocate the White House to Hollywood and be done with it? #oscars2013,″ Malkin tweeted, while Starnes tweeted, “Tonight was supposed to be about Hollywood — but Mrs. Obama made it about herself. #oscars.”

Despite criticism of the first lady’s appearance, both Laura Bush and President Ronald Reagan made cameos at previous Academy Awards.

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