Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Xbox One

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Xbox One

It’s been eight years since Microsoft debuted a video game console, having launched the Xbox 360 in 2005, but the company is back with a new device: the Xbox One. Microsoft unveiled its newest gaming device on Tuesday, weeks shy of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) where more details will reportedly be released.

The new Xbox console is a voice-controlled all-in-one entertainment hub designed to enhance the living room entertainment experience. In an hour-long presentation, Microsoft showcased the Xbox One’s latest hardware, striking graphics, connected interfaces and upcoming games.

Here, Mashable breaks down the Xbox One’s innovative features:


The new Xbox One console is a large, black, sleek box designed to rest on its side, with a top-loading optical drive.

The technical aspects have yet to be released by Microsoft, but the Xbox One reportedly runs on a 8-core AMD processor with x86 architecture with 8 gigs of RAM.


The Xbox runs three different operating systems. There’s an upgraded version of the Xbox operating system, another that’s based on the Windows NT kernel, and the last one helps discussion between the two systems.

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