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Middle School Violence: Student Arrested for Aggravated Battery

In a shocking incident at a Florida middle school, Jah’yel Carter was arrested for aggravated battery after allegedly assaulting a fellow student

In an incident on Nov. 9 at L.A. Ainger Middle School in Florida, Jah’yel Carter was arrested for aggravated battery after allegedly assaulting a fellow student, as reported by NBC 2 Charlotte. According to the arrest report, Carter lifted another student, identified by parents as Patley, by the waist and recklessly dropped him on his head.

The victim, who recently moved from Haiti, was known for his friendly gestures at the middle school, often touching people non-threateningly, according to the outlet. Unfortunately, these actions had reportedly subjected him to bullying by fellow students.

The incident occurred in the school’s lunchroom when Patley approached a group of students to shake hands. In what appears to be an unprovoked attack, Carter, reportedly significantly larger than the victim, lifted him from behind and slammed him onto the ground, causing the victim to lose consciousness and convulse, the outlet reports.

The report alleges that Carter callously kicked the victim’s head and showed no remorse for his actions. School administrators promptly provided aid to the unconscious victim.

​​“We have adequate security, SROs, security guards. There were administrators in the cafeteria at the time this happened. It happened in mere seconds,” school district spokeswoman Claudette Smith said to NBC 2. “Administration immediately escorted students out of the cafeteria.”

The sheriff’s office emphasized the unprovoked nature of the attack and highlighted Carter’s extensive disciplinary history at the school. The victim, now in a medically induced coma after life-threatening injuries, was airlifted to a local hospital for emergency surgery.

Smith assured that the aggressor, Carter, would face disciplinary action in accordance with the student code of conduct. However, Sheriff Bill Prummell revealed that Carter had a history of disciplinary issues.

Amid growing misinformation on social media, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) released a statement to clarify the victim’s condition. Sheriff Prummell stated that the victim underwent emergency surgery and, while unable to speak, showed signs of responsiveness. The community was urged to support the victim’s recovery with thoughts and prayers.