Mielle Organics 'More Than a Strand' Campaign Promotes Healthy Hair Relationships and Mother-Daughter Entrepreneurship
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Mielle Organics ‘More Than a Strand’ Campaign Promotes Healthy Hair Relationships and Mother-Daughter Entrepreneurship

more than a strand

Many black women consider their hair to be their crowns. Beyond length, style, or texture—the way that women are in relationship to their hair can be looked at as a radical act of self-love. There’s also the flip side of that as well. For all of the reasons that black hair gets caught up in hair politics, Mielle Organics is launching the “More Than A Strand” campaign, to promote healthy hair relationships among girls and women globally.

Ahead of the June launch, we caught up with Monique Rodriguez, founder and CEO of Mielle Organics about what inspired her to create the campaign. Rodriguez said through the #MoreThanAStrand global beauty campaign, Mielle Organics aims to empower mothers and young girls through education, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

Mielle Organics’ campaign truly extends further than hair itself.

Mielle Organics
Mielle Organics founder, Monique Rodriguez (Instagram)

More Than A Strand

“The #MoreThanAStrand global beauty campaign was inspired by one of the most important bonds in a young girl’s life. The bond between a mother and her daughter. Specifically, when it comes to hair. I remember being a young girl and associating getting my hair done with a negative experience. An experience that’s all too common among women of color. I felt that by improving that experience for so many young girls, I could create life-long memories and lessons that empower our girls to follow their dreams of becoming that confident entrepreneur or businesswoman on a global scale,” said Rodriguez.

This year, the company will expand the Mielle Mavens program to encompass North America, the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic), and to South and West Africa.

“By connecting women within these three continents, Mielle Organics will create a global community that provides opportunities for entrepreneurship and economic prosperity in areas where it’s not common to see businesswomen. The #MoreThanAStrand beauty campaign will also encompass the launch of Mielle Organics’ philanthropic arm on a global scale. A percentage of sales from each Mielle Mavens sale will be donated to charities that serve the unmet needs of their community,” Rodriguez added.

Creating Stronger Bonds

As a mother and beauty mogul, Rodriguez is adamant about being a role model for her daughters and teaching them self-acceptance.

“Allowing my daughters to see their mom pursue her dreams and passions has brought us closer together. It has really inspired them to do whatever they set their mind to, be more creative, and be more independent. Most important, our relationship has exposed them to the power of women entrepreneurs,” said Rodriguez.

“Growing up, I didn’t see that example of a businesswoman who looked like me. Women who were able to accomplish their dreams and be heads of multimillion-dollar companies. I grew up thinking that entrepreneurship was something that was for white men. Providing my daughters with the opportunity to see me as the first example of a new normal has definitely brought us closer together.”

Through the global campaign, Rodriguez hopes to inspire other women to be their daughters to grow stronger bonds that will set them up for success.

“With the #MoreThanAStrand global beauty campaign, my hope is that it will move daughters to look at their mothers as role models versus the options they have in the media or on TV right now,” said Rodriguez.

She added, “I believe that by creating a positive experience for the two, mothers will encourage their daughters to pursue their dreams and know that they can have it all. You can be a mom, and a wife if you want to be a wife, and a business owner. I believe that it all starts with putting God at the center.

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