Mike Epps Under Investigation and May Face Charges for Having Loaded Gun at Indianapolis International Airport

Comedian Mike Epps is caught up in a situation that’s not funny.

According to WHTR, the actor was caught carrying a loaded handgun at the Indianapolis International Airport over the weekend, and could possibly be facing charges.

Om March 5, police officers at the airport responded to a firearms investigation at a security checkpoint after it was determined that there might be a possible firearm inside a backpack. A report from airport officials stated that police officers discovered a .38 Special Airweight revolver inside Epps’ backpack. The gun was loaded with four rounds of Hornady .38 special ammo, and the spot in the cylinder with the firing pin was empty.

The officers confiscated the weapon as Epps told them he was in town for a show at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. He had forgotten that he had the handgun inside his bag.

“When our officers detect a firearm in the x-ray tunnel, action stops at the checkpoint. We immediately contact local law enforcement and they take possession of the weapon,” said Jessica Mayle, a TSA regional spokesperson. She also confirmed that the Next Friday actor had not been arrested in connection to the incident. But the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office stated that the incident is under investigation and they will determine if any charges will be filed against the comedian.

Epps is also facing a federal fine potentially for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

“The fine can vary whether it’s loaded or unloaded,” Mayle said. “And then the other issue is, you know, is this your first offense? Have you done this before? We say is it artfully concealed? Were you trying to hide it from us? Or was it just in the bottom of your bag? So we take all those factors into account when determining what the fine is going to be.”