Mike Tyson Chastises Hulu and So Called ‘Friends‘ For Making Unauthorized Docuseries, ‘Mike’ Without His Input

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson is weighing in on an issue that has been weighing on his conscience.

“Iron Mike” appeared on Access Hollywood recently to detail his beef with the streaming platform Hulu after an unauthorized biography titled Mike was released without his input or approval.

Hulu describes the docuseries as “an unauthorized and no-holds-barred look at the life of Mike Tyson” and features newcomer Trevante Rhodes as the young Tyson.

However, Tyson is fighting mad and blasted Hulu for doing the movie without his authorization. He took to Twitter last week to share his grievances about the forthcoming docuseries.

While talking to Access host Mario Lopez, the former boxer immediately chastised Hulu.

“I was just here, and I wanted everyone to know that the show that they made, ‘Mike’ from Hulu, I have nothing to do with it. They never offered me any money. They never came to offer me anything to be involved with the movie, and they just stole my story and ran.”

He then expresses how “disgusting” it is for people to be allowed to steal everything about him, and he isn’t able to do anything. Especially being that the persons behind the film he considered friends at one time.

“It’s just a really disgusting feeling that people could just steal your person, your rights, your personal life, and you can do nothing about it.”

Tyson goes on to state that there were so-called “friends” who sided with Hulu and helped give details for the production of the authorized bio, and he just couldn’t believe they would do this to him.

“They knew I had my own story on the table and still they went on….”

He continues, “I can’t even explain… It’s just really disgusting stuff that you can do this professionally and steal somebody’s story, and they had nothing to say and nothing to defend themself within a situation like that.”

Last week, Tyson announced he is launching a new cannabis line named after World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame Wrestler Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair.