Mike Tyson Offers Advice to Blueface and Chrisean Rock, ‘Once We Stopped Drinking, We Stopped Fighting’

Mike Tyson had Blueface and Chrisean Rock on his Hotboxin podcast, where he grilled the couple about their domestic violence encounters that often end up going viral on social media.

The boxing legend was happy to have the “interesting” pair on the Friday episode of his show, where nothing was off-limits. After getting some backstory on how Blue and Rock met each other, Tyson wasted no time asking Blueface if he enjoys it when Rock “beats on you,” Vibe reported.

“What sets you guys off to fight? And why are you guys willing to fight anybody? Is it love that makes you feel this?” Tyson asked the rapper.

“Do you like when she beats on you?”

Blueface showed no discomfort during the interview and answered Tyson’s hard-hitting questions with ease.

“Nah. It’s kinda weird, honestly,” the rapper said. “It’s like a weird situation to be in, it’s like you wanna fight, but it’s like … I don’t know. It’s never worth it.”

Rock chimed in saying “If it was a sport, it’d be cool.”

Tyson, who faced rape and domestic violence allegations in the past, opened up to Blueface and Chrisean about the violent encounters he used to have with his wife.

“Me and my wife used to fight, but we stopped fighting,” he shared. “Once we stopped drinking, we stopped fighting.”

The “Thotiana” rapper noted how the fights “just don’t be worth it,” before asking Tyson why he and his wife would get into physical altercations.

“Jealousy,” Tyson responded, and called himself an “idiot” for reacting violently when his insecurities were tested.

“I don’t want nobody to look at her,” Tyson said of what would spark his jealousy. “I’m a idiot.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Chrisean confirmed her pregnancy with Blueface’s child and shared her plans to name the baby after the rapper if it’s a boy.