Blaze Your Own Trail: 5 Ways Millennials Can Kickstart Career

Blaze Your Own Trail: 5 Ways Millennials Can Kickstart Career

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Nowadays, the average young person wants flexibility, freedom and the paycheck to facilitate a life they can enjoy. But oftentimes, the average entry-level job doesn’t allow for that. For many millennials, entrepreneurship is an option, but for others paving their own lane and creating opportunities to leverage their skills in nontraditional ways is the boss move to make.

But how do you do that? The Young Entrepreneurs Council details a strategy that may lead to more fulfillment and less clocking in and out:

1. Have a plan.
You do not have to write a lengthy formal business plan, but you should have a roadmap that will help you navigate the journey. Have a 12-month and 3-year plan to give you a short- and long-term perspective on goals. Your plan should answer, at a minimum, what you will offer and at what price; your target clients and how you will reach them; and your short- and long-term income goals. You can start with a simple mind map if you want. Try Mind Meister, a free brainstorming tool.

2. Develop your skill set and your differentiator.
In today’s workforce, knowledge is king. We live in a world of rapid change, and innovation is the lifeblood to survival. Technology has contributed to the rapidity of change and in-demand skills. Today, the variety of skills you possess, especially from a technology standpoint, is much more important than who you know or the politics of an organization. To attract the best clients, focus on developing your strengths and your particular skill set so you rise to the top of your independent career. Moreover, focus on what makes you different from the rest. What do you bring to the table that no one else can? Run your independent career like a business, and the work will follow. Keep your skills sharp by attending industry conferences, reading the latest white papers and putting into practice what you learn.

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