#MindfulMonday: Get Ready for Tomorrow

#MindfulMonday: Get Ready for Tomorrow

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Did you know that what you do before bed can kick-start your day? It’s true!

Follow these tips, and you will get more done every day:

1. Look Over Your Calendar

Don’t set yourself up; check to see what you have to do now, and there will be no day-shifting surprises later.

2. Make a To-do List

Once you identify the big stuff that’s already on your schedule, make a list of the other top-three things you must complete for the day.

3. Do the Dishes

Who wants to wake up to a sink full of dishes? Clean your kitchen and wash the dishes–or load the dishwasher–and you’ll give yourself a head start on the day.

4. Lay Out Your Workout Clothes

Working out first thing in the morning puts you in the mindset to do better by yourself all day–and laying out your clothes will boost your chances of actually exercising.

5. Put Your Phone Away

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable putting your phone on “do not disturb,” but you should stop looking at it a good two hours before bed. Even if you don’t fall into the Instagram hole, the blue light can keep you from falling asleep.

6. Meditate and Pray

Take a few minutes to connect with the universe at the end of the day. Give thanks for the blessings you’ve received that day and the ones you will receive tomorrow.

7. Journal

Still have random concerns and ideas running through your head? Take five minutes to write them down, so they won’t nag you through the night.

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