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Mississippi Woman Sues Police For Shooting Her In Head

Sherita Harris, a Mississippi resident, is suing the State's Capital Police Department after a traffic stop by two of its officers leaves her with a bullet wound to the head.

A woman in Mississippi is suing two police officers for their use of excessive force during a traffic stop in August 2022 that led to her being shot in the head. Sherita Harris has stated that the incident has left her handicapped and seeks $3 million in damages.

As reported by People, the lawsuit also names the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MDPS) and the Mississippi Capitol Police Department as liable for the incident. During the matter on Aug. 14 of that year, Harris was in the passenger seat of the vehicle pulled over at an intersection in downtown Jackson by officers Michael Rhinewalt and Jeffery Walker. 

The officers, hired to the force less than a month prior, turned on their emergency lights as they ordered the car to pull over. As the driver followed the direction, Rhinewalt allegedly began shooting at the vehicle, prompting the driver to flee the scene as the bullets were sprayed. Harris was left with a bullet to her head. After surgery to remove the bullet fragments from the area, she spent days at the hospital in recovery.

The complaint revealed that Harris, who is a mother of five, has been left with issues regarding her brain capacity and ability to function as a result of the injury.

“Because of Defendants Rhinewalt’s and Walker’s excessive force demonstrated by the shot to the head and unlawful or unauthorized vehicle chase, Plaintiff Harris suffers severe complications with her speech, gait, and overall cognizant abilities.”

In an interview with NBC News, Harris explained that her current condition has left her forever changed and more dependent on others for assistance.

“I’m used to being an independent woman. So it takes a lot out of me to not be able to do anything,” shared Harris. “I’m never going to be me again. I love me. But I’m never going to be that me and be able to get up and go. They’ll never be able to give me what I need. They’ll never be able to compensate me because they took my life with those shots.”

Walker and Rhinewalt relayed that they only began shooting as the car pulled over for running a red light after they were shot at first. However, neither were wearing body cameras for footage to confirm. Both remain on active duty in the aftermath of the shooting.

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