Missouri Sports Radio Host Fired Over Offensive Comments About Kamala Harris

Missouri Sports Radio Host Fired Over Offensive Comments About Kamala Harris

Another sports announcer has been fired for making derogatory comments about Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Missouri sports radio host Nate Lucas, who hosted the The Nate Lucas Show on Springfield’s Jock radio stations, was taken off the air after he allegedly made offensive comments about Democratic vice presidential nominee  Sen. Kamala Harris.

The News-Leader reported that a recording of the controversial statement made by Lucas was not available, but three people with knowledge of the incident stated that he used an offensive, sexist slur to describe Harris on his show Friday.

The announcement was made by operations manager Tom Ladd, who hosted the show Monday morning. Ladd informed listeners about Lucas’s absence but didn’t go into details on the reason Lucas wouldn’t be appearing but cautioned listeners to allow time for the station to investigate.

“While we’d like to say more about the situation right now, it would probably be better if we leave it at that for the time being,” Ladd said on air.

Sources also stated that Lucas was critical of Missouri State University’s football program after he found out that the team was planning to march through campus to raise awareness about racial injustice.

On Monday afternoon, Art Hains, who is the longtime host of Sports Talk on the Jock and is also the play-by-play man for Missouri State athletics, had announced that he would be stepping away from the station indefinitely due to the “regrettable” comments that Lucas had made about Missouri State student-athletes and staff and he did not want to be associated with the sports radio host.

Hains said that he decided to step away after reviewing the tape of Lucas’ show from Friday. He said he would not be on the air until the situation with Lucas is resolved.

Lucas was previously broadcasting on 98.7 FM but had recently moved over to 96.9 FM and 1060 AM after the station was acquired earlier this summer by Zimmer Midwest Communications.