Mixle is Like ‘Match.com’ for Business

Mixle is Like ‘Match.com’ for Business

Adekunle Ayodele is the founder and CEO of DataBox Technologies which launched Mixle, an app that lets people connect with others who share similar thoughts, interests or goals for instant in-person meet ups.

It provides businesses, conference organizers and event planners with a unique way of servicing customers, enhancing event experience and increasing revenue.

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Ayodele has a master of science (MSc) in information systems management from the University of Liverpool. He also has over 15 years’ of IT experience consulting for Fortune 100 companies such as Cisco, Comcast, and Verizon. He created MeetOrbit.com, a social networking platform that connects people in new ways using patent pending technologies such as dynamic profile video, video shuffle chat, and celebrity bidding.

Ayodele says the app solves several problems with similar, existing apps. First, existing apps are designed for users to connect online and possibly plan to meet up in the future. They do not cater to users who, in real-time, want to connect with other like-minded individuals; people must approach multiple individuals before finding suitable matches.

This social mobile app connects local users based on shared thoughts or interests. With Mixle, users select pre-selected “thoughts” based on specific checked-in locations to find other users within a close proximity. If desired, both users can safely exchange information in the app and meet up almost instantly.

Mixle is being targeted to several markets, including event planners and conference organizers looking to better enhance event experience and attendee interaction; sporting arenas looking to enhance fan experience, better connect fans and provide value to sponsors and vendors; businesses looking to attract customers while enhancing customer experience; and community managers looking to enhance community experience and build a connected community.

He is currently self-funding the venture but is looking to acquire outside funding soon. Ayodele’s revenue model for Mixle combines licensing, advertising, and subscriptions.

A fan of entrepreneur Mark Cuban: “His life story and achievements continue to inspire me,” he says, Ayodele hopes that Mixle can “help create a connected world where individuals can easily and quickly find the right connections.”

With the fast-paced lifestyles of people and the ability to make instant connections, traditional meetup apps no longer fulfill the needs of today’s technology users. They enable users to share information, but there is often a mismatch of intentions as well as a delay in real-time connection,” he says.

Mixle is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.