Mocha Moms Are More Than Just Mothers

Mocha Moms Are More Than Just Mothers

Mocha moms of the world unite; we are a movement transforming the home, marketplace and most importantly — self. A mocha mom is a woman of color who has chosen to make parenting and family a priority. She may alter her career, work schedule, or eliminate working outside the home all together to focus on providing the best care for her children — mother care.

And while there are many lower-case mocha moms, there is also the upper-case Mocha Moms Inc., an organization for women learning to re-define their power as it relates to family, community, and self through sisterhood upon leaving their successful careers in corporate America.

Recently I attended the Mocha Moms Inc., regional conference in Hartford, Connecticut. The energy of the congregation (nearly 100 attendees) was infectious, energetic, loving and practical.

President Dee Dee Jackson spoke openly with the moms about making self a priority, recognizing our power as influencers, getting healthy, becoming financially savvy, being a leader in the community, and encouraging one’s respective partner daily. “Mochas recognize the sacrifice your husband/mate has made for you to live the life you lead,” said Jackson, who was a director for a national HMO before retiring to be home for her children and husband over 10 years ago.

Mocha Moms are all of us — mothers yearning for a better tomorrow for the next generation. Mochas are a force bringing about change and re-defining a “brand” new lifestyle.

Dee Dee Jackson’s nine gems to empower all Mochas to live a fulfilled life:

1. To thine own self be true.

2. Foster loving relationships.

3. Seek peace of mind.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle.

5. Prepare for financial freedom, live debt free, and leave a financial legacy for generations to come.

6. Have worthy goals you are working toward and write them down.

7. Treat everyone with respect and be of service where you can.

8. Live every day of your life with passion and make your desires and dreams a reality.

9. Live YOUR best life without regret – on purpose!

How will you use Dee Dee’s tips to live a more balanced life? What are your thoughts about moms re-defining their role and career as it relates to parenting?

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