Looking for Some #MondayMotivation: Give these Podcasts a Try

Looking for Some #MondayMotivation: Give these Podcasts a Try

Podcasts have become the popular digital medium that allows experts and critics to freely discuss the topics that matter to them most, with their audience.

Ranging from lifestyle, to pop culture, politics, entrepreneurship and business, there is a podcast for every topic and a loyal audience that tunes in regularly for the latest discussion.

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As millennials continue to grow in their careers in the digital age, the need for information and inspiration at their fingertips has become greater and podcasts are serving as an excellent way to fill that void. With behind-the-scenes insight on the success journey of some of today’s top professionals, check out the podcasts below that are perfect for helping young professionals stay motivated in their career.

1. Hashtags + Stilettos: Started by Sakita Holley, CEO and Founder of NY-based lifestyle PR firm House of Success, Hashtags + Stilettos is a podcast that serves up the perfect mix of girl chat, business, and career advice. With episodes that feature top entrepreneurs such as Necole Kane, Melissa Kimble, and Tahira Wright, this podcast is perfect for the millennial businesswoman who needs to hear a dose of another women’s career journey to know that everything will be alright.

2. The Shades of Success: This podcast is perfect for ladies and gents who want insight on how to land your dream job, make a career transition, or bounce back from failure. Started in 2015, The Shades of Success features #MotivationalMonday episodes and #WonderWomanWednesday episodes that have spotlighted leading professionals such as entertainment executive Ericka Pittman, financial coach Tiffany Aliche, and entrepreneurs Christina Rice and Mike Muse.

3. Behind the Brilliance: Founded by entrepreneur Lisa Nicole Bell, Behind the Brilliance is a weekly podcast that offers inspiring and funny musings and conversations with some of today’s top professionals in art, culture, technology, business, and lifestyle. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to hear about the unfiltered career journey and lessons learned from today’s professionals or personal development advice on how to be happy in both your personal and professional life.