Money Moves: NBA Player Terance Mann Invest In Slate Milk’s $10.5M Series A Round

Money Moves: NBA Player Terance Mann Invest In Slate Milk’s $10.5M Series A Round

The days of professional athletes squandering the millions they earn seem to be a thing of the past. Today’s players have emerged as consummate businessmen who use their money in various ways, ensuring they’ll continue to earn top dollar long after their playing days. 

Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Terance Mann is making quite a name for himself in the world of investments. In an interview with “Black Tech Green Money’, hosted by Will Lucas, Mann opened up about what guides his interests outside of basketball and what he’s learned from other players. “When you’re walking around, moving around with agents, or within facilities, you can hear people talking about what [players] are doing off the court,” Mann said. “People are investing in different things, [and] people, you know, take life in through their social media.”

Recently, Mann joined the list of investors who’ve gotten behind the rapidly growing Slate Milk, an all-natural and lactose-free milk substitute that is planet-friendly. Earlier this year, he announced he joined the brand’s $10.5 million Series A fundraising round alongside former NBA player Duncan Robinson and W3 Sports founder Julian Aiken. Aiken has been particularly tapped into getting athletes involved with the metaverse; he and Mann are also partners at W3.

“Growing up, playing video games as much as I did, [the metaverse] really gave me that that type of feel, that almost Grand Theft Auto feel where people are creating their own stuff, having their own type of vibe on there, playing different sorts of games, winning tokens,” said Mann in an interview. “Exchanging real, you know, crypto money on there. Just the whole vibe really attracted me just from me being a gamer growing up.”

Mann is not alone in bridging the gap between reality and meta in the sports world, as players like Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal, and Tiger Woods have all started leveraging their expertise to tap into the Web3 market.