Singer Monica Responds to Racist White Man Who Criticized Blacks at Country Music Television Awards

Avengers actor Anthony Mackie co-hosted the recent Country Music Television Awards, where R&B singer Monica also made an appearance.

Although there have been Black people involved in country music for years, which is rooted in Black culture, Patrick Howley, a white nationalist, didn’t appreciate the Black faces he saw at the CMAs. 

A video clip was shared of Howley’s racist comments on Twitter. He goes on a mini-rant questioning the purpose of Black people being prominent on a country music awards show.

“I don’t know who this Black guy who’s hosting it. It’s supposed to be country music. No offense, I mean, y’all have hip-hop and basketball. You know what I mean? It’s like, just fly with your flock, bro.”

Then he goes into what is perceived as him imitating a Black man complaining about Blacks creating country music and white people stealing it from them.

“There were so many Black people there, sorry to say, but like, so many Black celebrities who have nothing to do with country music. And it’s like, why? No disrespect to the funky brothers of music. I love Earth, Wind & Fire, Run-DMC, etc. But, I mean, country music is different. It’s not Wakanda.”

Monica, no doubt, got wind of this video clip and responded via her Instagram account.

“I’ve never been more motivated.. Patrick Howley, although your feelings are likely shared by some, it’s NOT by the masses! I have an all star LEGENDARY team of true country artist that are currently working with me that would beg to differ ! Because of the genuine hearts of @lesliefram1 & @cmt … I shared the stage w/ @jimmieallen & @littlebigtown …This was the first of many times that you will see me! I see You caught that my skin is melanated, but you missed that it was tough! I’m rooted in the word & built to last ! See you soon, or should I say “Welcome to Wakanda” gracefully bows w/ @anthonymackie


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