Monitor Your Monthly Budget and Reach Your Personal Finance Goals With This $30 App

Monitor Your Monthly Budget and Reach Your Personal Finance Goals With This $30 App

We typically don’t learn about money management until we reach adulthood, and yet, it’s necessary to secure financial freedom. You would think such a crucial skill would be taught in school, but chances are you’ll have to teach yourself how to create a budget or save for the future.

That’s where many of us get stuck. We all want to make more money, but learning how is what scares us. That’s where Toshl comes in. This app makes money management fun and rewarding, and new users can get a three-year Pro Plan for $29.99, or 50% off.

Toshl Finance is a fun, intuitive app that can help you keep your finances under control. This app syncs with your cards and bank accounts and uses beautiful graphs to visualize your spending and income. Toshl currently supports connections to over 13,000 different banks and financial services.

From here, you can create detailed budgets based on your financial goals, which you can compare against your transactions to monitor how well you’re doing. You also get additional features such as exporting data from CSV, Excel, and PDF files, capture receipt photos for business expenses, and more.

Staying on top of your finances requires discipline and encouragement. With Toshl Finance, you’ll gain the insight you need to meet and exceed your financial goals. Three-year Toshl Finance Pro Plans are available to new subscribers for $29.99. You can also step up to a Medici Plan that syncs to your financial accounts automatically for just $10 more.