Moo Now Offers NFC Business Cards

Moo’s Business Cards Now Come With NFC Chips


When it comes to many tech-savvy (and eco-friendly) individuals, business cards are archaic and unsustainable. However, business card creator is changing the way folks connect by adding new technology to the mix. Moo is now including virtually invisible programmable near field communication (NFC) chips in their business cards, which means exchanging information will be as simple as tapping your smartphone with the phone of a potential client.

“It works like this: You order NFC cards from Moo, specifying what you want the NFC tag to do,” said Mashable’s Peter Pachal. “It could just contain contact information, but it can also include actions like presenting a video, or an app download, or your latest tweets. When you hand someone your card, and they tap it with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the preprogrammed magic happens.”

Moo has not announced pricing information, but the cutting-edge cards are expected to be more expensive than the regular cards.

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