More Than Talk

More Than Talk

Name: Audra Lowe
Job: Host, The Better Show, a nationally syndicated lifestyle program produced by Meredith Corp.
Location: New York

Undecided about her professional goals as a teenager, Audra Lowe decided to pursue a career in television while watching a newscast with her mother. After 24 years in the business, her work ethic and openness to change has kept her thriving in this competitive industry.

How she got the job:
When Lowe was contacted about the prospect of hosting The Better Show in 2007, the start date was only three weeks from the time the offer was presented. Lowe discussed the matter with her husband and relocated to New York. The Better Show launched nationally in 12 markets in 2007 and today airs in 180. She has interviewed a range of guests from Lisa Ling and LL Cool J to President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. “The biggest learning curve is knowing a lot about everything,” she says of her transition to lifestyle TV. “You need to know who’s who from reality TV to politicians.”

Former position:
In 2004, Lowe joined Fox Sports as an anchor and host. “I went from news to entertainment, then sports. I’ve always been a sports fan, but because it was male-dominated, I never even thought of the possibility of reporting sports.” As much as she loved sports, she found the reporting challenging. “[Sports fans] know when you aren’t truly up on your sports knowledge and are just a talking head–especially as a woman covering several sports at one time. It was tough because now I had to study the sport instead of just enjoying it. And we covered every sport so I was fully immersed. I did that for three years.”

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