4 Stress-Free Ways to Manage Your Morning Commute

4 Stress-Free Ways to Manage Your Morning Commute

If you’re like many workers, your commute is the worst, most stressful part of your day. Either it’s a congested rush hour or a long walk and stuffy train ride, getting to work can be a job in itself.

With public transportation, the experience can be trying to say the least. There can be a lot of shoving, squeezing and rude behavior, and once those train or bus doors open, and if you’re unlucky enough to be standing until your destination you’re already on edge before the work day even starts.

Although commutes can be stressful, there are ways to manage it without losing your cool. Brazen Careerist blogger Jason Miner highlights a few of them:

1.  Avoid freeways.
Yes, really. Sometimes it’s not about the speed you travel but the consistency of that speed. Sure, you can go fast on the highway, but if you’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic 70 percent of the time, start hunting for an alternate route on secondary roads.

Even if the alternate route doesn’t end up saving you time, it will help save your sanity–to say nothing of wear and tear on your brakes from the constant stop-and-go of a crowded highway. You won’t miss the reckless lunatics trying to merge at the last minute, either.

2.  Change your hours.
I cut my travel time by changing the hours I’m in the office–and on the road. Now I get to work earlier, avoiding the worst of the morning traffic, and leave earlier, avoiding the worst of the evening traffic.

If schedule-tweaking isn’t an option, look for creative ways to land ideal commuting times. Drive close to your office to work out early in the morning and avoid the traffic that way. Stay after work to have dinner close by, or do an activity with friends until the traffic clears out a bit. Just a few minutes can make the difference of an extra hour in some heavily trafficked metro areas.

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