A Mother and Daughter Breaks ‘Spirit’ of Airline Employees By Fighting Them Over Luggage Fees

A Mother and Daughter Breaks ‘Spirit’ of Airline Employees By Fighting Them Over Luggage Fees

Those Spirit Airline flights can be interesting at times. A mother and daughter recently found out that the employees at the affordable airline have a lot of “spirit” themselves!

According to the Daily Mail, a fight between Spirit Airlines employees and two women was caught on mobile phone footage in a brawl at the Philadelphia International Airport l on Jan. 30.

The altercation between the two parties occurred when employees told the mother-and-daughter pair that they were being charged extra fees for their carry-on luggage.

They were heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The fight allegedly started when the daughter, 17, pulled on the dreadlocks of one of the agents. After the initial contact, other Spirit workers joined in and attacked the young girl.

The footage only shows the brawl in progress, not how it started. The mother is seen without footwear and a shirt as she scrambles to fight other airline employees while her daughter is restrained. A little boy, believed to be with the duo, is heard screaming and even strikes one of the employees in defense of the women.

There is no mention that the passengers were allowed on the flight, but it was delayed for about an hour and continued to Florida without further incident.

After describing the incident as an allegation of “simple assault,” a statement was released by the Philadelphia Police department:

“On Monday, January 30th, 2023, at approximately 7:29 P.M. police received information that several passengers were pulling apart a 24-year-old female complainant and a 17-year-old female along with her 39-year-old mother during an argument over additional baggage fees.

“At this time, the 17 year old female attempted to access Jetway and was halted by the 24-year-old complainant when she was punched/hair pulled by the 17-year-old female being assisted by her 39-year-old mother.

“The 24-year-old female sustained a minor eyelid laceration. All participants were advised by police in reference to private criminal complaint documentation.”