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Mississippi Mother Reports Sons After They Allegedly Shot At Police And Fled

The two teen brothers were arrested after their mom identified them for Holly Springs Police from ring camera footage.

A pair of teenage suspects, accused of firing shots at a police officer in Holly Springs, Mississippi, on Monday, found themselves apprehended after an unexpected turn of events –- their own mother reportedly turned them into authorities.

According to WREG, the incident unfolded when an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a red Kia Forte, driving erratically without headlights or taillights on South Randolph Street. Despite the officer relaying the vehicle’s license plate to dispatch as it fled onto West Van Dorn Avenue, the suspects allegedly fired two shots at the pursuing patrol car.

The mother learned of her 18- and 17-year-old sons’ alleged shenanigans after police turned to the media for assistance with footage from a ring camera that captured the suspects in the same area where the vehicle was found. The unnamed teens had reportedly fled on foot into the woods upon police arrival.

“The suspects’ mother saw the news clipping, so she said, ‘Well, that kind of looks like my son,” Holly Springs Police Chief Darryl Bowens said. “She decided to do the right thing, which was come to the police department, report it to the detective, and that’s why we’re here now.” According to the chief, the mother said, “They committed the crime, then they have to come and face the consequences of their actions.”

While no officers were reported injured, Bowens emphasized the gravity of the situation. “The officer could have been injured; people that were on the highway at the time could have been injured because when you discharge a firearm, that bullet could go anywhere,” Bowens said. “And luckily, the officer wasn’t injured; we haven’t had any pedestrians or anybody that was on the road injured at the time.”

The brothers are facing charges of aggravated assault on a police officer. A third suspect is also expected to face charges, with additional charges likely for all three individuals involved in the incident.