The Other Woman: A Businesswoman’s Biggest Deterrent?

The Other Woman: A Businesswoman’s Biggest Deterrent?

Choosing between career or family is a dilemma that only affects a select few in the business world. It’s typically an extremely challenging one for women. There’s always that tug of war between the maternal instincts and obligations and the desire to climb up the ranks in one’s professional journey.

Carrie Kerpen knows a thing or two about that, and writes about dealing with this dilemma as a woman, mother, and entrepreneur. The challenges include balancing home life, facing negativity from female peers, and standing by her decision to resign from a position that paid her six figures to be a full-time mother and startup founder.  Kerpen says:

The sad fact is this: whatever you do as a parent, in business or at home, there is likely someone who “feels sorry for your baby” because of your choice. And the biggest tragedy of all is when that judgment actually influences the women’s choices in their careers.

As women continue to progress in business and their careers, they often have to make hard choices to find what works for them in the long run. Kerpen has a simple answer to all of the confusion: “You do you.”

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