Why This Woman Turned a Hashtag into an Online Destination for New Age Boss-Moms

Why This Woman Turned a Hashtag into an Online Destination for New Age Boss-Moms

How can a woman juggle the never-ending demands of motherhood and a successful career? This is the question that led Dreena Whitfield to launch ThePRMommy, an online destination featuring “new age boss-moms who juggle their family life and careers while looking fly doing so.”

If anyone understands the day-to-day hustle of a mom, it’s Whitfield. As the founder of WhitPR, a New Jersey-based boutique strategic communications firm, she leads the communications and marketing efforts for leaders in the nonprofit, corporate, and political sectors, as well as small businesses.


What inspired you to launch ThePRMommy?
ThePRMommy started out as a simple hashtag (#PRMommy) that I used on my social platforms to share how my life looked from the new lens of motherhood.

I’ve been a public relations professional for more than a decade and an entrepreneur for eight years, so I know what it means to multitask to reach an end goal, but when you add a child into the mix, multitasking reaches new heights! I wanted to create a community for like-minded mothers where we could inspire each other and learn from one another.

Visitors can expect a range of content from quick recipes and “Moms We Love” features to tips on pumping breast milk while at work, what to wear to close that deal, as well as tips for other PR professionals.


Do you believe in work-life balance for moms? Share any boss-mom tips. 

I am a strong believer in work-life balance for mothers and fathers, but it is extremely hard to achieve. It depends on what works for you. On the days that I bring my son to the office I have his favorite snacks, toys, and blanket in tow, as well as his Samsung tablet to keep him entertained throughout the day.

I limit the number of meetings and conference calls that I take on the days that he joins me and the team at the office, and I try to make it fun with dance breaks and learning activities.

I also set boundaries so that I am not available to the world 24/7. I used to check and reply to emails around the clock. I also have to take care of me so I love taking spin classes at Soul Cycle.