MSNBC Host Joy Reid: Conservatives Would ‘Trade All The Tax Cuts To Be Able To Say The N-Word’

MSNBC Host Joy Reid: Conservatives Would ‘Trade All The Tax Cuts To Be Able To Say The N-Word’

MSNBC host Joy Reid took to Twitter to express her belief that conservatives have a secret desire to say the N-word and just how much they would give up to say it.

Reid made the comment in response to Dr. Jason Johnson, who was responding to a tweet on an opinion piece saying the United States is becoming a totalitarian society.

According to Reid, white political conservatives, especially those that follow former President Donald Trump, would give up millions in tax cuts if they could be openly racist. Reid also added that the former president is the avatar for this “freedom.”

Conservatives were quick to attack Reid for her words. Leo Terrell, a Black Fox News contributor, said on Twitter that Reid should apologize to every conservative. Political commentator Dinesh D’Souza said on the social media site that “Dangerous and reckless rants like these from Joy Reid occur nightly on MSNBC and they should be ashamed…”

The situation started after former New York Times Editor Bari Weiss promoted a piece she wrote for the Deseret News criticizing the ‘illiberal left’ for becoming a ‘totalitarian society.’ In a tweet highlighting the story, Weiss used a quote from a law school student.

“Self-censorship is the norm, not the exception,” a student at one of the country’s top law schools wrote. “I self-censor even when talking to some of my best friends for fear of word getting around.”

Johnson, an MSNBC contributor and professor at Morgan State University, responded to Weiss’ Tweet with his own outlining all the things Black Americans have to do in the U.S. to make white people feel comfortable.

Since Joe Biden was elected president, conservatives have pushed more than 100 bills restricting voting rights. Many of these bills have been identified by voting rights groups as an assault on the Black vote. In Georgia, the effort is being described as returning to the Jim Crow era of voting for Black Americans.
Democratic strategist, James Carville explained on MSNBC Friday that Black Americans have literally died for their right to vote and they’re not giving it up.
“The right to vote, particularly for Black people in the South is so ingrained, you cannot believe it,” Carville said. “If they pass the stuff they’re planning to do in Georgia, I promise you, this is not going to end well. People are not going to take this. These people live in an ivory tower, they do not understand remotely what the right to vote means.
“We take it for granted because no one has ever tried to stop us from voting, Black people take that a lot differently than we do,” Carville added. “They view it as a gained right with their blood and they’re not going to let it go easily, I promise you that.”