Mugshots And Videos Of Tupac And Biggie Expected to Fetch Big Bucks At Auction

For some wealthy Tupac and Biggie fans, the chance to own some coveted mugshots of the legendary rappers will be available soon. The photos, never exposed to the public, are expected to go for thousands of dollars at the GottaHaveRockandRoll auction.

TMZ reported the upcoming sale of the exclusive photos at the auction, which is set to be conducted from Oct. 25 to Nov. 10. The mugshots of both rappers are expected to be bought for around $20,000 to $40,000. The image of Tupac’s first arrest was taken with a Polaroid and was never before shown publicly. In addition to his own mugshot, the sale of Biggie’s picture will be accompanied by a thank-you note that includes the “Mo Money Mo Problem” artist’s signature.

However, the mugshots are not the only precious memorabilia being sold—a clear video of Biggie’s final performance in 1996 is up for grabs, too. The video shows the Notorious B.I.G. performing at a show during the Sting Festival in Jamaica on Dec. 26.

The video is especially sentimental to fans, as the 24-year-old died March 9, 1997. The video is estimated to be sold for well over a million dollars.

The hip-hop auction will feature other valuable items, including Biggie’s worn Bad Boy jacket and a signed flyer. Tupac also has a signed letter, known as his “First Friend in England” message, that will be available for bidders as well.

As the newly reopened case on who killed Tupac in 1996 gains traction,  the auction will surely raise attention into the rapper’s death. Recently, a retired Las Vegas detective told a grand jury that the murder of Biggie and Tupac are connected, as also reported by TMZ.

Those wealthy enough to participate in the auction will have the opportunity to own parts of the rappers’ history.

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