Multimillionaire Entrepreneur Shares The Keys to Effective Leadership

Ushering in a new decade can be eye-opening for many who commit to wiping the slate clean, dusting off dormant goals, repositioning themselves from missed opportunities, or initiating endeavors to ignite a fresh phase of the future. However, one thing that has echoed throughout the corridors of history and will never change is the necessity and demand for effective leadership.

David Imonitie is a self-proclaimed multimillionaire, success trainer, coach, investor, and serial entrepreneur who was reared in an atmosphere of leadership that was exemplified by his parents. Both were pastors and entrepreneurs, while his father is a professional tennis player in Africa. The fruit of their labor has produced a global influencer in the areas of enterprise and leadership today.

After repeat business failures, Imonitie shifted how he viewed money by applying proven principles, earning his first million in his early 20s, and has since earned over eight-figures. Through his leadership, he’s been a catalyst in building large organizations and developing leaders, teams, and organizations to generate hundreds of millions in revenue. He’s also passionate about teaching biblical principles and sharing messages of faith and finance through the I Believe Foundation.

According to Imonitie, leadership is based on two primary premises: influence and vision. Leaders possess the ability to influence others by communicating a clear vision. The inspiration, enthusiasm, and action they exude compel others to want to follow. Influential leaders have the ability to cast a vision large enough where others can see themselves as part of it. Everyone was born with the gift of leadership and has the capacity to lead in some form or another; however, everyone won’t take the time to develop their leadership potential and sharpen their leadership skills.

Imonitie shares key essentials to increase leadership effectiveness.

Examine Your Motives.

Ensure that you have a love (heart) for the people that you serve. After all, who are you leading if you’re not leading people, and moreover, who are you leading without loving people? Leadership motivated by love is critical because it reveals the heart of a leader. It’s going to show up in your language, disposition, service quality, and customer service. Before people purchase your product, service, program, or participate in your cause, they want to know that you genuinely care about them.

Be Clear On Decisions.

Clarity and vision are the keys to 2020 and beyond. You must be clear about what you want. When a leader is indecisive, they don’t know where they’re going and therefore can’t expect anyone else to follow. No one can follow a parked car. Being decisive becomes easier when they are in alignment with your goals. Your goals are in alignment with your vision. Once you decide, make sure that decision surrounds and supports your goals.

Commit To Continual Growth.

Leadership development requires people to commit to finding and staying in the right environment, aligning with the right people, receiving the right information, and learning from the right experiences to acquire the skills and discipline needed to be effective. The real question is, “who do I need to become?” Look for opportunities to grow by researching and studying the habits of effective leaders such as the books they read, the audio they listen to, and associations they have.

Learn To Fail Forward.

Give yourself permission to be an example of success and failure. Why? Because all great leaders fall. It demonstrates how you handle challenges and adversity. In success, you can be an example of discipline, and in failure, you can be an example of resiliency. As a leader, I draw inspiration from the realities of success and failure and am always inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit.

Make It About Mentorship.

Mentorship matters because it’s an investment of time. Mentors oftentimes choose their protégés. Having your best interest at heart, they put you on a path of navigation to reach your destination. For those who are serious about creating accountability, reducing their learning curve, avoiding costly mistakes, and following a proven blueprint for success, mentorship is a priceless commodity that changes the trajectory of destinies. The strategies, insight, and wisdom mentors provide position their protégés to take quantum leaps. Most importantly, you are afforded the gift of access, however, that access is defined in the relationship.

Win By Producing Results.

It’s not only a new decade, but it’s a new day. In a world of constant demand for social proof and search for solutions, people will not pay attention to leaders who are unable to produce results. Therefore, the discipline of being action-oriented is so crucial for leaders. Devising a strategy, setting goals, making necessary adjustments, and executing only on tasks that drive results.

Winning is the name of the game. Period.