How Richard Horton Made the Transition from Musician to Insurance Sales

How Richard Horton Made the Transition from Musician to Insurance Sales

Author: Tamika Morrison

Richard Horton didn’t quite set his sights on becoming an insurance industry professional however, after working in the music industry and coming in contact with entertainers that earned tons of money but needed help with their finances, he decided he would step in and fill the gap. In 2001 he started off as a financial advisor, worked as a banker and has been a Property and Casualty Agency Owner for the past 5 years.

Reflecting on his time as a musician, he shares, “I always considered insurance boring and never thought that I would have an interest in this field. It has been a blessing that I have been able to assist so many people in protecting their assets and achieving their financial goals. The interaction with so many different personalities that have different viewpoints, goals and life situations is really pretty exciting. It isn’t boring in the least.”

One of the things that make Richard great at what he does is that he finds it personally rewarding to foster close relationships with his clients since it helps him provide the best customer care possible. Horton shares, “Many of my clients don’t take the time to really understand their coverages so they rely on me to make recommendations, keep them informed and keep them on the right path.”

Insurance decisions are a balancing act between what one would like to have and what one can afford, whether you have $6.00 to spend or $6,000,000 to spend. He continues, “It’s all relative. And wealthy people tend to worry about money just as much as people who struggle to make ends meet. I am humbled at times by the trust that my clients have in me. There is a responsibility to educate and assist them to make difficult decisions.”

For those considering a career in the industry, Horton gives insight in the various benefits the industry has to offer. He says, first, there is the possibility of a considerable residual income once your book of business has been well established. Secondly, you come in contact with a lot of interesting people that add richness, not only to your professional repertoire but it adds a flavor of dimension to your own personal goals. Finally, there is an inner reward that is earned by really being the only one to come to the rescue when something bad has happened.

“Who else is going to be there with good news when your car is totaled, someone has unexpectedly passed away or your roof is destroyed in a storm? Me, that’s who,” concluded Horton.