Not Again! Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown Suffers Another Hair Malfunction

Not Again! Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown Suffers Another Hair Malfunction

Tessica Brown (screenshot)

Apparently, “Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown has yet to learn her lesson when it comes to properly caring for her hair.

The social media star who became a viral sensation due to her Gorilla Glue ponytail is experiencing new issues with taming her mane. Brown recently took to social media to share a video showing what happened after she dyed her hair. Basically, this time she’s on her way to being bald.

“I Really thought my hair was strong enough for chemicals I dyed my hair in this happened,” she captioned her video testimonial.


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Brown explains how she wanted to cover up a few gray hairs in the video, so she decided to dye her hair before hopping into the shower. But while washing the dye out, she noticed her hair coming out in chunks.

“My hair is steady coming out as I’m rinsing my hair out,” she said.

Brown takes off her head towel and shows her wet hair as she begins to pull out globs of hair. She even combed through it to show how much hair she was losing.

After posting the video testimonial, Brown got flamed in the comments by many frustrated with her latest hair snafu.

“Girl leave your hair alone,” one person wrote. “Sissss not again,” added someone else.

Good thing Brown launched her natural haircare line over the summer. She says her products help with hair regrowth.

“I launched these products to help not only myself but other people like me that need help growing their hair,” Brown told CNN in June. “I am so excited about this launch because these products were doing so well for me, I couldn’t wait for them to help other people.”

In February, Brown went viral after revealing she mistakenly used gorilla glue for her ponytail instead of hair glue. She ended up needing medical treatment and underwent a four-hour surgery to remove the industrial-strength glue from her hair.