Myles Frost, Bowie State University, MJ: The Musical, graduation

Broadway Star Myles Frost Graduates From Bowie State University

Myles Frost made good on his promise to his family to finish his degree at Bowie State University.

Tony Award-winning actor Myles Frost showed that he’ll never get too big to keep his promises to his mom. On Thursday, Dec. 21, Frost graduated from Bowie State University, dedicating his speech to the woman who inspired him. 

After taking a year to make a name for himself on Broadway, Frost returned to Bowie State University to get his degree in fine arts with a concentration in music technology. Frost won a Tony Award in 2022 for playing Michael Jackson in MJ: The Musical, but he knew he wanted to return to school.

“I said I’m going to take this risk,” Frost said, according to CBS News Baltimore. “I’m going to follow my heart and do what I’ve been called to do, and God will order my steps, and he most definitely has.”

In his degree acceptance speech, Frost acknowledged his mother.

“You have taught me and showed me what a strong Black woman is and what it means to raise a strong Black man, and I just pray that I made you proud,” Frost said.

He added that he has a lot of ambitions, both as a performer and as a graduate, but he’ll always be driven by his family first. 

“And, you know, just fulfill promises I made to my mother, my grandfather, my father of being the man I know I can be and just being the best version of myself that I can be.” 

Frost, 24, admitted that he was proud of himself for balancing his rise on Broadway with his intention to pursue a career after his Bowie State University graduation. 

“He’s demonstrating what it means to have good character to pursue your hopes and dreams,” Bowie State University President Aminta Breaux said. “He achieved his education with all of the achievements he’s made in his young career.”