N.W.A. Founding Member, Arabian Prince, Reimagines The Future of Healthcare With The World’s First Medical Metaverse

N.W.A. Founding Member, Arabian Prince, Reimagines The Future of Healthcare With The World’s First Medical Metaverse

Arabian Prince, one of the founding members of the hip-hop group N.W.A., collaborates with numerous health consumers and experts in medicine, business, and technology to launch the world’s first medical metaverse, known as MdDao.

Born Kim Renard Nazel, the Compton rapper describes himself as a technology nerd. Prince is no stranger to innovation, having taught himself how to code and use computers at 14 or 16. He is leveraging his career experience with programming electronic hip-hop and dance music to build a “photo-realistic, digital twin” of the U.S. healthcare system.

Currently, Prince uses Nvidia Corp.’s NVDA -2.94% 3-D platform Omniverse and Epic Games Inc.’s Unreal Engine to work on the first decentralized health and wellness metaverse, Market Watch reported. The infant stage was recently launched, offering exclusive memberships with perks and VIP privileges.

In creating what he calls a “digital twin,” patients can access healthcare organizations and portals to connect them to real-life or virtual doctors, get prescriptions, and seek feedback in an easier, quicker, and cheaper way than in real life. According to Prince, the metaverse will be the future of healthcare in which hospitals would one day be just for surgeries and physical examinations.

“I’m doing this to give connected services,” he told Market Watch. “There’s a lot of places — people in rural communities, people in the inner cities — that don’t have healthcare, that don’t have connectivity. But one thing pretty much everybody has is a phone. If we can make it so that you can interact and get healthcare directly from your smartphone — that’s kinda where we’re going with this.”

As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the metaverse will be represented with encoded rules on a Blockchain, controlled by organization members and not influenced by the central government.

“By taking advantage of a DAO, we will be able to harness the collective knowledge and innovative thinking of medical experts, healthcare professionals, patients, and individual users,” Prince said, per News Channel Nebraska Central.

“MdDAO will address the shortcomings inherent in our current healthcare system as well as design and construct a more personalized approach to health and wellness. The release of our membership NFT tiers is the critical first step on our path to redefining how we deliver and experience health and wellness. This is a pivotal moment. Join us to reimagine the future of health and wellness!”

“Our partnership and integration with the MdDAO project allows us to provide care without walls, boundaries, and barriers,” remarked Hoang Nhu, founder and CEO of Nouslogic Telehealth.